Cora (30)

A young woman, previously a model in LA, became bulimic because of every day pressures to be thin. She began misusing cocaine in the hopes of managing the demands of the job. She soon added alcohol to the cycle of abuse and other substances during binge episodes, to function. She soon started to gain weight,was dumped by her boyfriend and lost her job. Paranoia and anxiety took over. After being admitted into a psychiatric hospital, her friends no longer wanted to hear from her.
She become desperate, gaining 35 pounds while at the hospital.
Rehab, was difficult. But through strict planning and setting herself new goals, she eventually found a new job in the fashion industry (on the marketing side). This allowed her to start again. She learned to accept that a healthy nutrition and caring for ones’ body is crucial. A new orientation and new goals have made her happier than ever before.

David (27)

After studying art, this young man had a degree but no idea what to do with it. Drugs were an easy source of entertainment, by being an open door into the ‘party world’. They provided access to women. But, they also took away the fear of not achieving success.
Hallucinations eventually started to kick in; lead to anxiety panic and sleeplessness. Soon this resulted in a melt down. At a closed psychiatric ward he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. At this point he had a large amount of Haloperidol in his bloodstream, was unable to communicate, weak and had lost orientation.
Nonetheless he was a lucky guy. His parents removed him from this hospital and and enabled him to go into rehab. They did not treat a case, but holistic medicine made him individual. Three years later he is a team leader of 20 people in Silicon valley, earning above 150.000 $ annually. He hasn’t touched drugs since. Occasionally he still suffers from mood swings, but a shrink helps him with these.

Igor (37)

A politician; who’s last campaign had him working 24/7 over the course of the previous 10 months. Whenever the was a celebration there was an excess of alcohol and good. No sports, no breaks. Sleep only become possible with more alcohol. All of this resulted in weight gain, loss of concentration, fatigue and feeling of having won, but at what cost? He no longer felt sane or like he had any energy.
After a four week stay in a discrete, secluded center neat Vienna, he is health, string and rejuvenated. Now he is once again here for his country.

Gerard (31)

A 31 year old man. Focus almost entirely on business. He worked night and day, was highly successful; traveling constantly between Hong Kong, Singapore and Vienna. The company he owned was sold for 300 million USD.
The start up company he works for now, is even worse. It requires him work more hours then a week has to offer. Time is never enough. Sometimes, he escaped to clubs. He would invite all the club-memeber. This way he was able to be the hero of the night(s). However the nights kept getting longer, stretching over days at a time. Soon panic attacks began to take away from his concentration and distract him from his work.Jet lag got worse, he seemed to constantly be out of energy and on the very of a nervous break-down. Eventually he had to give into it all.
Time management, taking breaks, accepting limits, were the very simple rules, which he had to learn at the center. He could not believe how simple the things he had to train were. He soon accepted them all. They were hard to implement and he comes back every month for a few days, because otherwise he would forget how to lead a stress free life again. But he knows he never wants to be back in that dark hole again.

Inga (42)

She was the love of Nikolaus, until he met a young beautiful girl. She just admired her husband, was ready to do everything for him and even was ok with her position as the love in the shadow. Inga was desperate, her 2 children are the pride of her husband, but she was kind of invisible for him. When he is drunk he even hits her. She cannot help being hopeless, ashamed and full of tears. The tears burst out, she cannot control them. Inga tried to beg, she tried to accept everything, she tried to leave him, but still does not know what the future brings. She could not sleep, started drinking, started to take antidepressants, nothing helped. Than she decided to begin a new start at «Parachute Vienna Austria». She is now focussing on her ideas of life, she concentrats what her unfulfilled life, before she met Nikolaus, before she had the children. She re-discovers herself und will come back in 6 weeks, to strengthen herself and to become the beautiful lady she used to be, she feels that she can start a new life. She is not waiting for the attention of Nikolaus anymore, who still ignores her.