David (27)

After studying art, this young man had a degree but no idea what to do with it. Drugs were an easy source of entertainment, by being an open door into the ‘party world’. They provided access to women. But, they also took away the fear of not achieving success.
Hallucinations eventually started to kick in; lead to anxiety panic and sleeplessness. Soon this resulted in a melt down. At a closed psychiatric ward he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. At this point he had a large amount of Haloperidol in his bloodstream, was unable to communicate, weak and had lost orientation.
Nonetheless he was a lucky guy. His parents removed him from this hospital and and enabled him to go into rehab. They did not treat a case, but holistic medicine made him individual. Three years later he is a team leader of 20 people in Silicon valley, earning above 150.000 $ annually. He hasn’t touched drugs since. Occasionally he still suffers from mood swings, but a shrink helps him with these.