Gerard (31)

A 31 year old man. Focus almost entirely on business. He worked night and day, was highly successful; traveling constantly between Hong Kong, Singapore and Vienna. The company he owned was sold for 300 million USD.
The start up company he works for now, is even worse. It requires him work more hours then a week has to offer. Time is never enough. Sometimes, he escaped to clubs. He would invite all the club-memeber. This way he was able to be the hero of the night(s). However the nights kept getting longer, stretching over days at a time. Soon panic attacks began to take away from his concentration and distract him from his work.Jet lag got worse, he seemed to constantly be out of energy and on the very of a nervous break-down. Eventually he had to give into it all.
Time management, taking breaks, accepting limits, were the very simple rules, which he had to learn at the center. He could not believe how simple the things he had to train were. He soon accepted them all. They were hard to implement and he comes back every month for a few days, because otherwise he would forget how to lead a stress free life again. But he knows he never wants to be back in that dark hole again.