Inga (42)

She was the love of Nikolaus, until he met a young beautiful girl. She just admired her husband, was ready to do everything for him and even was ok with her position as the love in the shadow. Inga was desperate, her 2 children are the pride of her husband, but she was kind of invisible for him. When he is drunk he even hits her. She cannot help being hopeless, ashamed and full of tears. The tears burst out, she cannot control them. Inga tried to beg, she tried to accept everything, she tried to leave him, but still does not know what the future brings. She could not sleep, started drinking, started to take antidepressants, nothing helped. Than she decided to begin a new start at «Parachute Vienna Austria». She is now focussing on her ideas of life, she concentrats what her unfulfilled life, before she met Nikolaus, before she had the children. She re-discovers herself und will come back in 6 weeks, to strengthen herself and to become the beautiful lady she used to be, she feels that she can start a new life. She is not waiting for the attention of Nikolaus anymore, who still ignores her.